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PegaPod Pro is the highest and brightest of our series of tether-powered drones with high-power premium lighting.   At night, PegaPod Pro quickly delivers abundant lighting (over 100,000 lumens) where you want it for emergency situations, construction work, or outdoor events.  The Pro flies as high as 100 feet for up to 2 hours with the included battery (longer on AC power or with additional batteries).  During the day (with the lights off) enjoy up to 4 hours of continous flight and 4K video from battery or AC Power.  

The package comes in a high quality case weighing less than 65 pounds and includes:

- PegaPod Tethered Drone Power & Light System (Patent Pending).

- A premium drone capable of at least 4K video.

- Batteries (up to 4 hours of flight time).

- AC Power Supply (110 or 220 VAC) for continous flight.

- A 30 day 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

- FREE shipping within the USA