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Illuminate your area with over 20,000 lumens from up to 30 feet.  Great for short duration photography, activities, or emergencies. Use it on any nearly any drone* for up to 30 total minutes of light from the included battery.  Simply attach the lights and once airborne, turn the light on by flipping a switch. 


- Two LEDs which produce over 20,000 lumens combined.

- 30 foot tether.

- LED Power System (battery included).  Powers the LEDs only.

- 30 day money back guarantee.  Ships within 14 days.

*Note: PegaPod Lux has been successfully tested with brushless drones which weigh as little as 249 grams.  The total payload weight of Lux, including the lights and a 30 foot tether, is 7 ounces.